Monday, April 13, 2009

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Been so busy after returning from our annual spring break "Power Off/Reset" trip to Runaway Bay, I haven't had time to provide any updates. We had a great time as always. From a music point of view we listened to everyone's iPod through the AR Partners that Wayne was gracious enough to provide for the week. The most tasty treat that I found on Davis' iPod was a 3 disc compilation by Peter Tosh called "Honorary Citizen". Some great live tracks their as well as super studio stuff.

We didn't really see any live music this week but we did get to Flavours a few nights to hear some Jamaican DJ's. Flavours is right on the beach just 100 yards from our villa, you can sit at tables outside and hear the local tunes through a nice house sound system. Great drinks and they serve good food too. Thursday night Wayne and Davis caught the DJ competition, but I was unable to make it. They reported that it was a big crowd and you could look over each DJ's shoulder as he worked his laptop (it's all done on laptops now, who knew?).

The most surreal experience was Friday night, when we went across the street (only 1 block) to a relatively new club called Jamaica-Jamaica Club. Clifford is the owner, we've known him for nearly 20 years, he's always been an ambitious business man (he used to own the glass bottom boat that we would take on diving trips) and now he has invested what must be a huge amount of money in this club, 4 levels (including the open air roof), top notch sound system, with 2 VIP rooms and 2 separate bars (Retro Room and Jazz Lounge). When we went in there were no patrons but plenty of folks working and the music was cranking. Clifford assured us that "folks were coming later" but after a couple of beers and watching Davis disappear in a cloud generated by the smoke machine we cleared out. You can check it out at Flavours with the open air and direct access to the beach is more my speed.

So a great time playing golf, eating, drinking, swimming, and hanging with the kids. Also very restful in anticipation of the Dead '09 tour which began immediately on our return and is the subject of my next post.

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